Inn History

Our home was originally constructed in 1874 by Albert Warburton, a harness maker who had settled in the area in 1864.  As with many of the original structures in the Village, the sandstone foundation of the home was taken from the local quarries. One area that guests can visit is the Deep Lock Quarry located on Riverview Road, just south of the Inn.

Albert’s second wife, Sarah Smith Warburton, sold the home in 1910 to Fred and Eva Roth.

Eventually E.R. Klein, the Village’s doctor, bought the property and used it as his residence/office.  In 1977, Dr. Klein sold the home to E.C. Prior.  It was Mr. Prior’s unfortunate circumstance when in 1989 a fire caused considerable damage to the main structure requiring a restoration of the dwelling.  Thankfully, Mr. Prior was able to rebuild the house from the foundation up to its original 19th Century appearance. There have been a few add-ons to the back of the building to enlarge the kitchen and the addition of the lovely veranda to the side of the house.

By the fall of 1989, Jerry & Ina Tolle bought the home creating the original Bed & Breakfast.  The local residents referred to it as “The Tolle House.”  The Bed & Breakfast operated until the Fall of 1992 when the Tolle’s sold the home and it returned to a private family residence again.

Gary and Deb Beckley purchased the property late in 2014 and have lovingly restored the home to a Bed & Breakfast, incorporating some updates for the comfort of our guests.

The Beckley’s welcome you to enjoy this sanctuary, The Official Home Of Silver Fern Bed & Breakfast.

The Story Behind Our Name

According to Māori legend, the Silver Fern once lived in the sea. It was asked to come and live in the forest to play a significant role in guiding the Māori people.  Māori hunters and warriors used the silver underside of the fern leaves to find their way home. When bent over, the fronds would catch the moonlight and illuminate a path through the forest.  This distinctly New Zealand symbol is considered a badge of honour by the New Zealand people.

What we are able to do here today on the edges of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park stem from Gary’s personal history from the beautiful country “Down Under.”  Gary spent half of his life living in New Zealand and part of our hearts still reside there.

The Silver Fern Bed and Breakfast is very dear to us as we wanted to honour those we love far away, a beautiful country with rich cultural beliefs, and to never forget that you can travel the world over but Your Heart Always Brings You Home.

About The Innkeepers

Gary and Deb Beckley have spent most of their careers in service-oriented businesses and have traveled extensively, many times enjoying the ambiance found within a bed and breakfast experience.

The Beckley’s are also keen nature lovers who delight in the outdoors and specifically the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  They enjoy the company of family and friends; you’re never a stranger for long in their home.

Gary and Deb welcome you to their Peninsula Retreat where you will discover the very best in warm and inviting encounters.

Looking forward to your next visit.

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